Flint (WJRT) – (8/1/17) Thousands of people in Flint have joined a class action lawsuit that is trying to compensate them for the pain and suffering that have endured because of high levels of lead in their water.

The two law firms involved in the class action lawsuit involving the Flint water emergency, Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers as well as Goodman and Hurwitz recently won a major victory and met in Detroit to discuss the case.

The U-S Sixth District Court of Appeals has ruled that two class action lawsuits can proceed. Federal judge Judith Levy has scheduled a hearing for September 29.

“She wants to make sure that this case is resolved as soon as possible so the people of Flint can get on with their lives,” said attorney Michael Pitt.

Attorneys involved in the case met Tuesday in Detroit for a strategy session. Their goal is to see that everyone who was exposed to the high lead levels in Flint water is compensated.

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