The partners in our law firm each bring at least twenty-five years of experience to acting for people in matters of employment law, civil rights and criminal defense. This experience enhances our ability to represent our clients effectively, providing:

  • Knowledge of specific employers
  • Familiarity with the attorneys representing employers
  • Ongoing study of the state of employment law and the ability to adapt and apply the changes  to the specifics of a client’s claims
  • Case evaluation skills based on extensive experience and knowledge of the field
  • Recognition and respect among the community of employment specialists

Contact a Michigan lawyer at Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers  for more information about our skilled attorneys.

Our Resources

As one of the largest employment law firms which only represents employees in the State of Michigan, we have the resources to take on cases for high-ranking individuals as well as group actions for workers in particular industries or companies who have suffered employment discrimination. We also have the ability to handle complex and difficult personal injury matters. Our network of investigators, experts, and specialists allows us to add value and develop compelling arguments that result in full compensation for our clients’ injuries. Our criminal defense attorney has represented defendants in many high profile criminal cases. We are never intimidated by large corporations or opposing attorneys with seemingly greater resources. We are known as lawyers who do not back away from a fight required in the struggle to obtain justice for our clients.

Our Clients

Our clients include people of all ethnicities, occupations, and ages. We have the ability to handle matters for non-English speakers and signers in American Sign Language (ASL).

Our Building

Our offices are located in a renovated historic structure, the former Haberman Fabrics building. Located in downtown Royal Oak, close to the Center Street Parking Structure, the building provides retail space for the community as well as office suites for our law firm.

Our Fee Structure

To meet the needs of our clients, we have developed flexible fee and cost reimbursement plans. Contact our Detroit Area law office for more information.