Michigan Workplace Retaliation Claim Lawyers

Serving Employees in the Detroit, Michigan, Area

Laws exist to protect employees who suffer retaliation because they blew the whistle on the illegal and improper conduct of their employer. Our Royal Oak employment lawyers represent whistleblowers that have experienced retaliation in the workplace because they exercised their rights and sought to protect other employees or even the public.

As experienced litigators, we are always ready to go to trial for retaliation claims. We use our many years of experience in employment matters to assist clients seeking restitution, including reinstatement of their jobs, back pay or financial settlement. For more information about workplace retaliation claims, contact the employment attorneys at Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers.

Employees Exercising Their Rights

It is against the law for an employer to punish an employee for participating in protected and legal activities. Our clients include workers who have:

  • Reported a violation of the law to a public body
  • Refused to violate the law
  • Opposed discriminatory conduct at work
  • Testified, assisted or participated in an investigation or proceeding regarding discrimination
  • Filed a discrimination complaint
  • Filed a sexual harassment complaint
  • Uncovered and reported fraud and graft in accounting or other corporate practices which may affect shareholders
  • Filed a worker’s compensation case and/or collected worker’s compensation benefits
  • Exercised rights under the FMLA

Employers Punishing Employees

We represent employees who have been retaliated against for these and other behaviors. Our clients have experienced wrongful termination, unwarranted discipline, demotion, change of schedule or job duties, or change of work location. Workers who have experienced this type of retaliation should strongly consider consulting with an experienced employment lawyer.

If you believe that you may have a workplace retaliation claim against your employer, contact Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers, in Royal Oak, Michigan. We can help.