Michigan Sexual Harassment Lawyers

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), there were more than 11,000 workplace sexual harassment charges filed with them in 2011. Yet, the EEOC also estimates that only 5-15 percent of employees experiencing sexual harassment even reports the incident or files a formal complaint.

As these statistics indicate, sexual harassment is still prevalent in many businesses and industries.

Sexual harassment can be defined by a number of behaviors and situations which include:

*A supervisor or boss demanding sex as a condition for promotions, raises, benefits and improved working conditions or assignments.

*An organizational environment which allows and tolerates sexual jokes and comments, touching, groping and the display of sexually explicit or embarrassing photos or objects.

*Ongoing derogatory remarks from co-workers about a person’s body or sexual attractiveness.

*Assault, grabbing, rape or other criminally sexual behavior by a supervisor or co-worker.

*Retaliation after an employee rebuffs or reports sexual advances or a sexually hostile environment.

Protecting individuals in cases involving these sexually hostile actions and workplace conditions is an area in which our firm has industry-leading expertise and years of successful advocacy on behalf of sexually-harassed employees.

We Can Help

In a hostile work environment case or a quid pro quo case in which you experienced severe emotional distress and/or financial loss because of the harassment, our attorneys can seek compensation for you. To learn how our attorneys can help you fight sexual harassment, contact our Michigan law firm, Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers.