Michigan Whistleblower & Retaliation Claim Lawyers

Employer retaliation is seen as an action against you for reporting or asserting your rights under the Federal and State employment laws. Your employer is forbidden from firing, demoting, transferring, harassing or retaliating against you for reporting any employment law violation or participating in an investigation on behalf of another employee.

Any retaliation against you as a “Whistleblower” can occur in response to overtime, minimum wage, discrimination, workers’ compensation, medical leave, equal pay claims and others. When your employer’s retaliation results in your firing, it can be viewed as “unlawful termination.”

The Michigan Whistleblower Act protects public employees from an adverse employment action (including termination or suspension) in retaliation for their reporting of violation to a law enforcement authority. The regulation covers public and private workers as well as union and at-will employees.

Our clients have included workers who have:

*Reported a violation of the law to a public body.

*Refused to violate the law by performing out mandated duties at the workplace which would do so.

*Opposed discriminatory conduct.

*Testified, assisted or participated in an investigation or proceeding regarding discrimination.

*Filed a discrimination complaint.

*Filed a sexual harassment complaint.

*Uncovered and reported fraud and graft in accounting or other corporate practices.

*Filed a worker’s compensation case and/or collected worker’s compensation benefits.

*Exercised their rights under the FMLA.

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