Employment Agreements

Examining Your Agreements: Employment Contract Services in Royal Oak, Michigan  

Employment Agreements Attorneys in Royal Oak Michigan - Employment_AgreementsAs an employee, many of your most important decisions are those you make when you are first hired. The contracts you sign can affect your work life for years to come, so if you don’t negotiate them carefully, you could end up limiting your opportunities or exposing yourself to serious legal trouble. Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers offers you the contract legal services you need to negotiate a fair contract and uphold it consistently. From our headquarters in Royal Oak, our team provides legal support to workers all over the Great Lakes State.

Contact a Michigan Employment Lawyer at Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers to Discuss Any Issue Related to an Employment Contract, Including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality provisions
  • Severance packages
  • Separation agreements
  • Commission sales agreements

Before You Sign, Let a Michigan Contract Attorney Review Your Employment Agreement

Unless you are a lawyer, odds are you lack the training and experience to understand the subtleties of your employment contract. By consulting Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers, you can see if its provisions are written in your favor, including:

  • Compensation Provisions- We make sure that provisions on severance packages, retirement benefits, and commissions compensate you fairly and consistently. We pay particular attention to provisions that make you ineligible to receive compensation, watching out for language that could unfairly deprive you of benefits you have earned.
  • Rights Waivers- If your employer asks you to waive any rights, we will find out exactly why they are asking that and what that means for you. We will challenge any such provisions that we feel are unjustified or that place too great a burden on you.
  • Job Descriptions- We read through your duties in detail, make sure you understand everything you will have to do in your new job, and confirm that your pay is consistent with your responsibilities.

You should never sign an agreement that you aren’t sure you understand. But with Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers, you’ll never have trouble understanding even the most complicated contracts. At our Michigan law firm, we help employees negotiate such contracts to minimize restrictions on their ability to earn a living should they leave the employer. We also assist employees seeking to avoid or limit application of these provisions when new employment opportunities arise.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

Non-compete agreements affect what you may do if you ever leave your current employer. They may prevent you from working for a competitor or starting a competing business for a set period of time, or from sharing sensitive information if you do work for a competitor. Such provisions can severely limit your job prospects, which is why you should have a lawyer review and explain the agreement in detail before you sign.

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Non-disclosure agreements require you not to share certain types of information, such as trade secrets or sensitive company data. While they don't directly affect your ability to work for a competitor, they do put you at risk of serious legal trouble if you violate them. You should have an attorney determine exactly what information you are required not to disclose and watch out for overly broad provisions.

Litigating Employment Contract Disputes

In addition to reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, our employment attorneys litigate disputes that arise between employer and employee over contract provisions. If you are an employee, contractor or consultant seeking to enforce or avoid the terms of an employment agreement, or if you have questions about the legality of stipulations in such an agreement, contact the employment lawyers at Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers, to learn how we can help.

For more information on negotiating and upholding employment contacts, contact Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers today!