Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation Expertise: Experienced Legal Support for Executive Employment Agreements  

Executive Compensation Attorney in Royal Oak MI  - Executive_CompensationAs a CEO, CFO or another executive, you face more pressure and greater responsibilities than virtually anyone else in your organization. It is only fair that you be compensated well, which is why you should never begin contract negotiations without an experienced attorney. Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers negotiates employment agreements for every executive, maximizing your compensation, freedom and job security.

Our Firm Represents Executives in Legal Matters Involving Everything from Yearly Salary to Separation Agreements

We can effectively:

  • Negotiate for higher salary or increased bonuses
  • Review employment agreements for restrictive language that may pose problems if our clients leave the company
  • Review contracts for hidden clauses that undermine our clients’ interests
  • Negotiate for alternative executive compensation if stock options or other benefits are not beneficial to our clients
  • Represent our clients in court if an employer refuses to pay agreed upon compensation
  • Protect our clients’ rights to receive full pensions and retirement benefits

We provide these services to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and all other corporate executives. Whatever your title and duties, we'll protect your rights.

Before You Sign a Contract, Call Us for Legal Review

Even if you understand employment law, you should still consult a lawyer with specific experience in executive contracts. Our attorneys will read the fine print and explain exactly what you are agreeing to. This is particularly critical with agreements that govern what you can do after you stop working for a company. Non-compete agreements, for example, prevent you from starting or working for a competing business after leaving your current job, which can severely limit your career. We make sure such restrictive provisions limit you as little as possible.

Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers Regularly Helps Executives with:

  • Contract Agreements - We represent your interests in a contract negotiation, making sure the agreement is as favorable to you as possible.
  • Compensation Negotiations - We have experience with every type of compensation, including commissions, stock options and severance packages, and strive to compensate you as generously as possible. 
  • Contract Understanding - Before you sign a contract, we help you review it in detail, making sure you understand exactly what rights and responsibilities it gives you.
  • CIC Agreements - Change-in-control agreements specify what happens to you if the company comes under new ownership. We make sure your rights and responsibilities remain consistent regardless of who buys your firm.

Wondering How to Escape Your Employment Contract?

If you feel your contract is unfair or unfavorable, our team may be able to get you out of it without incurring legal trouble. We will examine the contract’s termination clause and find your best option for ending it. We can also explore possible breaches on your employer's part, argue that you cannot perform your duties, or negotiate a way out with your employer.

Effective, Legal Representation for Severance Negotiations

If your company lays you off, be wary of what they demand in exchange for severance. You could end up sacrificing your right to sue for discrimination, avoid personal lawsuits, or access stock options. Our team will read through the severance agreement and make sure it does not contain unjust provisions. If it does, we will negotiate with your employer for a more favorable agreement.

For more information on executive agreements and other employment law topics, contact Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers today.