Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Law

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 - FMLAOne of the greatest challenges for modern employees is balancing professional duties with family responsibilities. Having children or taking care of sick or injured relatives shouldn't threaten your career, but oftentimes it does. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, legally, you may take time off to help your family. Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers upholds this right, ensuring you're not punished at work for doing your duty at home.

The Family Medical Leave Act & Michigan Employment Law

The Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, applies to everyone who works for a company with at least 50 employees. It guarantees 12 weeks of time off if:

  • You have or adopt a child 
  • You must care for a sick or injured family member 
  • You must care for an injured service member or veteran family member
  • You are seriously sick or injured

Unfortunately, even though they are not required to pay you for this time, many employers are not always willing to provide these legally-required leaves. While employers may not deny leave directly, they often make it difficult to take leave or retaliate against employees who exercise rights under the FMLA. Retaliation can include:

  • A poor performance review
  • Imposition of a new work schedule
  • Denial of a raise 
  • Being passed over for promotion
  • Termination of employment

Additionally, Michigan law supplements the FMLA by requiring employers to give you time off if you are a victim representative. Meaning, you need to appear in court on behalf of your child or someone else under your care. If you take this time off and your employer retaliates against you, they may be fined as much as $500 or required to spend up to 90 days in prison.

If you believe your right to take FMLA leave or return to work has been restricted, we can help you. If you were forced to pay someone to care for your sick family member you may be able to recover those expenses, in addition to any lost pay and benefits. If you were terminated because of FMLA use, we may be able to help you get reinstated or obtain your lost pay and benefits.

Experienced Royal Oak Lawyers Offering Effective Representation for all FMLA Matters

While family leave laws strictly state that employers can’t retaliate against you for taking time off, proving retaliation is no easy task. The Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers team has the training and experience to examine your employer’s actions and prove whether they punished you for claiming family leave. We not only examine your employer’s specific actions toward you, but also any previous accusations that they have mistreated employees on family leave. In this way, we demonstrate that you deserve compensation for unfair treatment, and if you were fired, we strive to get you reinstated.

Who is a Qualified Family Member?

The FMLA lets you take time off to care for qualified family members, such as:

  • Your husband or wife, regardless of your gender
  • Your parent, stepparent, adoptive parent, foster parent, or other person who assumed the responsibilities of being your parent
  • Your child, stepchild, adopted child, or other individual over whom you have assumed parental responsibilities; this person must be under the age of 18 or incapable of fully taking care of themselves

If your right to take family medical leave has been challenged by your employer or have been retaliated against for seeking or taking FMLA leave, contact Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Bonanni & Rivers about FMLA claims.